Company Culture ABOUT US

Our mission: help U.S. and European customers reduce cost in product R/D and      manufacturing while ensuring quality and in-time delivery.

Our vision: become a China-based, world-class contract manufacturer serving customers     in U.S. and Europe.

Our corporate core values:

Integrity: being honest and trustworthy behavior

Responsible for: the spiritual sense of responsibility

Obedience: the attitude of absolute obedience

Active: pro-active style

Win-win: win-win cooperation mind

Thanksgiving: Gratitude attitude

Focus: focus on the efficiency of the relaxed

Innovation: continuously innovative thinking

Our slogan: sustainable innovation and excellent quality.

Operation philosophy: dedicate with love the success of wisdom to the people who desire to change, let them gain growth, wealth and happiness.

Work ethic: More than the most hard efforts, more than the most carefully intentions!

Team concept: Unlike the beach sand hit each other, like stars shine each other!

Behavior concept:  People come to your heart when they’re touched, come close to you when you’re close to their heart!

Hiring concept: Talents are the most preferential, mediocre are the most expensive.

Salary concept: No reward without results, no results reward is a shame!

Growth concept: There is no unfair treatment, only unfair capability; no unfair ability,  only unfair learning.

Promotion concept: One can’t be promoted without a successor, in order to be promoted one must find a successor!

Quality concept: standard decides to level, character decides to product!

Saving concept: Earned is revenue, saved is net profit!

Survival concept: Win the good times, double the effort the hard times.

Execution concept: No condition, no excuse, no impossible, never to change and lower the established results but to add measure continuously!

Growth concept: Personal retreat and company advance is the guiding principle, local let and global take is the core idea!

Management concept: Serve below and obey above!

Marketing concept: Not for the interests to promote products, but to really help others !

Service concept: Love oriented, needs centered!

Brand concept: Intangible decides to tangible, tangible demonstrates intangible!

Welcome concept: Customers are stars, market is the leader!

Investment concept: Invest where the strategy is!

Promotion concept: Truth will not light without communication and sharing!

Competition concept: To avoid competition is the fastest competition, no competition is the best competition!

Business philosophy:  Life does not fail but only gives up in advance!

Action concept: Everything should take an initiative, there will be no harvest to be passive!


We provide 7x24-hour hotline service. Questions from customers will be replied within 24 hours.
Service Hotline1-408-705-2943

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